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FAQs – SACT-10

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Will I need to purchase any additional books or materials?
    No. All materials are included; however, your child should have a graphing calculator.
  • How many students are in a class?
    Our pod size minimum is 5; maximum class size of 8.
  • What will the workload be like?
    Light: we want your student to gain exposure to the test in a low-stress environment. Homework will take no more than two hours per month, about 1/2 hour per week.
  • My child is currently in Geometry. Is this Math program appropriate?
    Yes! We are going to cover strategies for the exam and will go over a few concepts that are not taught in most Geometry or Algebra 2 classes. f your child is in a two-year Algebra 1 program, the math component of this course may be challenging.
  • My child is in 9th grade. Can s/he take this course?
    We strongly suggest that students take this course in the 10th grade, not before. Therefore, we are only allowing current sophomores to take this course.