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FAQs – SACT-10


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Will I need to purchase any additional books or materials?
    No. All materials are included; however, your child should have a graphing calculator.
  • How many students are in a class?
    Our class size minimum is 8; maximum class size of 14.
  • How do I choose a section?
    You will receive a registration code. On the 20th of the month prior to the following session, you will receive an email that will detail the dates and times for each section. You will receive the link to register. Use your registration code to sign up for the desired section. Enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis. So if you know that you want a particular section, please register as soon as you can.
  • What will the workload be like?
    Light. We want your student to gain exposure to the test in a low-stress environment. We will supply no more than ten brief problem sets that your child should complete. Each set should not take more than ten minutes.
  • My child is currently in Geometry. Is this Math program appropriate?
    Yes. We are going to cover strategies for the exam and will go over a few concepts that are not taught in most Geometry or Algebra 2 classes. If your child is in a two-year Algebra 1 program, the math component of this course may not be appropriate.
  • My child is in 9th Can s/he take this course?
    We strongly suggest that students take this course in the 10th, not before. Therefore, we are only allowing current sophomores to take this course.

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