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College Prep

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PSAT: While the PSAT doesn’t count toward your college admission, this test does serve as a qualifying test for National Merit Scholarships. A good score on the PSAT could go a long way toward earning a scholarship. Also, preparing for the PSAT carries over into SAT preparation. Our PSAT tutoring services are a tremendous boost to your college preparation.

SAT: Colleges use the SAT as a predictor of how well a student may do in his or her freshman year of college. This test plays an important role in determining your admission into college and chance for an academic scholarship. Having a game plan will help you achieve better results, and “best in class” scores. Sheptin Tutoring Group helps you learn the material and tricks to getting the best score possible.

ACT: The ACT pits your academic aptitude up against the entire country. The ACT can be a stressful race against the clock. You need to know the English, Reading, Math and Science subject matter fast or risk posting a low score.  Sheptin Tutoring Group will help you with time management, and a plan to give you maximum confidence heading into the ACT.