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Graduate School

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These tests include, but are not limited to, the GRE and GMAT exams.  For any standardized tests you face, contact Sheptin Tutoring Group to enhance your exam preparation and ensure better test results.

GRE – Much like the SAT, the GRE will evaluate your overall knowledge of subject matter. If you’re making the jump to graduate school, your GRE score could be the difference in acceptance into the graduate school of your choice or having to settle for less. We have proven methods for time management and test taking that will give you the best chance at getting into your top choice in graduate schools. We’ll assist you with the analytical writing, verbal and math portions of the GRE.

GMAT – If you have decided to take the steps toward earning your graduate business school degree, it’s never too early to begin preparations for the GMAT. For your best chance at gaining admission into the top business schools in the country, let our professional staff help you.