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High School

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Subject Tests: If there is a specific area where you’re struggling, we can focus on that area for improved comprehension. Our teachers and tutors have a positive and refreshing approach tosubject matter.  You will work with a tutor that specializes in the given subject, but can offer an alternative perspective and easier way of learning the material in either a one-on-one or significantly smaller class size. 

Advanced Placement: In order to effectively improve a student’s credentials in the eyes of college recruiters, they need to maximize their scores in AP courses. Many colleges will allow students to bypass certain classes as a result of high AP test scores.  This allows students to either graduate early, or take other classes in their major instead.  With a higher degree of difficulty, you need an experienced staff of tutors.

Regents: Regents tests continue to become more challenging, and high pressure for students.  In some schools, Regent scores count for 20% of a student’s final grade.  We offer Regents review classes for math, science and history. Our specialized attention and familiarity with the continual changes of the Regents exam help students do more than just “pass the Regents”.  Students take the exam with stronger comprehension of the material, and a path to help them achieve better scores, including “Regents with Honors”.

ISEE – Independent school entrance exam.

SSAT – Secondary school admission test.

SHSAT – Specialized high school admissions test.

TACHS – Test for admission into Catholic High Schools